Founded in 2001, the Kasibeyaz Baklawa  (as part of Kasibeyaz Taste Group bringing the people living in Istanbul with the select tastes of South-East Andolia since 40 years)  is a place servicing as fresh,  many pretentious kebab varities and baklawa varieties  making unforgettable impressions in your mind, for which  you could not refrain you from eating them , which you could not find anywhere else because of a lightness sense you would feel. 

Through legendary baklawas of Kasibeyaz giving a fillip to sense organs, consisting from crunchy thin sheets of dough, in golden colour, filled with select Antep pistachio; the Kasibeyaz Baklawa is a privileged choice of our guests after and, sometimes before having meal.  

The tastes such as Baklawa (multilayered flaky pastry with walnuts, pistachios etc), Sobiyet (multifaked pastry with cream and pistachio filling) Dolama (Run-around), Havuç Dilim (Carrot Slice) prepared by the best Antep pistachios and best clarified butter used in their productions by the masters from Antep, ensuring the baklawa to become light led the guests to experience a taste festivity in the Kasibeyaz. You can buy coffee varieties peculiar to the Antep region and also regional products, beside such tastes in the Kasibeyaz Baklawa storehouses.

You can buy a franchise from the Kasibeyaz Baklawa. For detailed information, please call 0850 441 20 40 or email to info@kasibeyaz.com.tr







Kaşıbeyaz Baklava için franchise verilecektir.Detaylı bilgi almak için 0850 441 20 40 numaralı telefon hattından ulaşabilirsiniz.


Franchise Bilgileri

Beyazıt Baklava şubesi iletişim : 0212 519 99 98

Adres: Molla Fenari Mah. Yeniçeriler Cad. No 46/B FATIH/IST